what next?

Perhaps you have prayed to Jesus, asking him into your life and are wondering “what next?”.

One of our team would love to talk to you to see what we can do to help.


Next Steps

Prayed to Jesus?

Did you meet and pray with someone on the streets and are wondering what are the next steps?


your story.

If you have made that first step to respond to what Jesus has done for you then tell us! We would love to hear your story and see what we can do to help you on your journey!

But don’t just stop there, why not tell your friends and family of the decision that you have made.


the Bible.

The Bible isn’t just a book but God’s Word to us. It tells us just how much God loves us and what He has done so that we may know Him.

We would love to meet with you to get you started on your journey and help you with what the Bible means.


to a church.

Church isn’t just for Christmas, Easter or weddings, but it’s a group of people who all believe that God loves them and meet together to learn more of what He has done. Church helps us in all times of our life –¬†it is a family!

We would love to help you find a church in your local area that will help you in your journey of know Jesus more.

And remember…


loves you.

(and has an amazing plan for your life).