// London 2019 //

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    // London 2019 //

    Gathering of Hub Leaders

    Meetings at City Temple for potential Hub Leaders.
    Turning Team contact people who have shown interest in being a Hub Leader.

    November 2018

    Prayer Evening

    Central Prayer Evening praying ahead of the London launch.

    January 18th 2019

    Church Leaders Training

    Gathering of church leaders to learn how to prepare your church ahead of the mission.

    March 5th - 6th 2019

    Borough Preparation

    The Hub leaders will work together with their local churches to prepare everyone ahead of the launch.
    This will include evenings of prayer and worship, follow up training and preparation and ordering of discipleship materials.

    April Onwards

    Praying for Mission

    Details to come

    June 7th 2019

    London Mission Launch

    September 21st 2019