In being a Hub?

The Turning launches in a region through “Hubs” where The Turning will launch simultaneously in each Hub across the whole region.

A region is an area within a country such as a county,  a large city or a borough. Each region will have a “Turning Regional Leader” who works with the Turning Team and the Hubs in their region to organise the mission launch.

Within the region we will set up “Hubs” – there will be at least 3 Hubs in each region (the larger the region the more Hubs we will set up).

A Hub will be a strategic area within the region (this may be a town or a location near to a shopping centre where many people congregate).  A Hub will have at least 5 churches working together – ideally from 3 different denominations or streams – who will help the “Hub Church” and “Hub Co-ordinator” to organise The turning mission launch.

The “Hub Co-ordinator” works directly with The Turning team and the Turning Regional Leader to help organise the launch in their Hub. This will involve:

  • Finding a Hub Church (ideally one but maybe two) – this will be the base for the launch and will host the evening meetings and morning outreaches.
  • Speaking with leaders and churches in their Hub
  • Working with churches in their borough involved – this would be to find people who can host the turning team, find worship teams, welcome teams and catering teams as well as Chruch mission co-ordinators and church mission follow-up co-ordinators