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An extraordinary visitation from heaven:

On the 29th of May we began what we thought would be a one-week mission at our Baptist Church ‘The Gate’ which would possibly stretch into two weeks. In the end because of the results we were witnessing on the streets we stretched out the mission for a total of four weeks. In that time, we saw over 1850 people prayed for on the streets of Reading with many first-time commitments and rededications to Christ. Quite apart from the large numbers of responses to the gospel the sheer number of people willing to let us pray for them on the streets took us by surprise.

Seven month on from The Turning outpouring that shook our church in Reading, we have been excited to see in practice that this grace can and has been released in other cities. We have gained much insight through conducting five Month of mission which has culminated in seeing over 4150 people in England and at last count over 865 in Lille in France respond in prayer to an invitation to accept Christ.

We are now at a stage where we can consider the next practical steps to ensure everyone who wants this grace and what we have learned for this to be effective to be accessible to everyone who wants it. We are moving from learning to implementing.

Quality of Conversions

It is probably important to say something about the quality of the commitments being made. In a normal mission the number of conversions brought back are varied. There will be genuine converts, but there will also be a number who on the streets have stopped to pray out of politeness and still others who have prayed just to move the Christians on, and still others who are open to any kind of spiritual experience. The messiness of the kind of conversions seen in a normal mission remains but in the outpouring this messiness is multiplied hundreds of times. In time and with a genuine lifestyle change and much more experience, I am sure the quality of the conversion will improve. The challenge though will be to ensure the believers do have a lifestyle change to get to that point.

Invitations from the Leadership of over 230 towns

In the Uk leadership teams covering over 230 towns and cities have asked us to bring The Turning to their town or city. In England, we are calling the implementation of this campaign to bring The Turning to these places ‘The Big Bang’, a campaign that will be inviting cities and towns to receive the best training we can give them prior to launching a Turning Team in their city or town. We will also be launching a similar event in several other countries in Europe where we have invitations to bring The Turning. Those who have signed up to receive our newsletters by clicking on this link here, can be sure they will be amongst the first to receive an invitation to book into the early training slots. When the invitation comes out please book your slot quickly.

The Lord spoke to me at the height of this outpouring and reminded me of what he did with the miracle of the fish and loves, I pondered the prompt and thought of the miraculous multiplication, and then he asked me but what did I do first?” and then I remembered, he organized them into groups and made them sit down. The miracle followed administration by the disciples and then he prayed, which meant that when the miracle happened the fruit was not spoilt.

This order is what we have now put around this grace. We know what is required to administrate this grace in a local church context, it does not mean we have an answer to every question or challenge but we do know what is required and are happy to pass that learning on.

The duty of the Turning leadership team working in partnership with The Gate, Barnabas, Salt and Light and other steams, is to ensure every denomination, steam and grouping that wants this grace gets it. If you can and would like to help us we would love to hear from you, you can contact Yinka directly by clicking here

Pop Francis and ‘The Joy of The Gospel’

In ‘The Joy of The Gospel’, Pope Francis called for a lifestyle of evangelism, he called the church to give herself proactively to the work of evangelism. This grace from heaven provides an easy way to share faith. We have seen over 80% of the church findings its evangelistic voice again. This grace is for all of God’s family, Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox we are all called to witness Christ.

World Prayer Centre

As part of a process of prayer the World Payer Centre will be holding their next day of prayer here in Reading on the 19th January 2017. We are excited at the prospect of them holding their national prayer event at The Gate. Of course, the intercessors of this nation and many others have, in my mind been responsible for standing in the gap on behalf of the church for all these years, it is so exciting, we look forwards to partnering with all who are concerned to contribute in the Spirit to what Father started in Reading.

Finally Thank you for being so open to Father and standing with us in this season, thank you for believing with us and for us, and thank you for all your prayers.

Much blessing in Christ Yinka and the Turning Team

The Full Learning Document – open here

A PowerPoint Presentation – open here

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The Team

The International Team

Yinka Oyekan – Turning International Team leader- email

Sue Winyard – International Co-Ordinator – email

Neil Townsend – Salt and Light

Gareth Owen – The Gate

Janet Parkins – Barnabas Fellowship of Churches

French Team

Eddy Wallez – Destiny

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