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The Months Ahead


Our first mission of 2018 found us in a very cold but beautiful Brussels.


Preparation begins for a three year Mission to the capital of the U.K.


Scotland Preparation has begun as we get ready for the August Mission.

Upcoming Turning Launches

Since 2017 we have been working with different teams from many streams and denominations and we are excited to be launching The Turning in various regions across the U.K. and beyond. We have already had one mission launch this year and know that Father has so much planned as we continue to steward the grace that He has given.

Our upcoming launches are:

  • East Sussex (launches May 31st)
  • Wiltshire (launches June 21st)
  • Scotland (launches August 23rd)
  • N. Somerset (launches Sept 13th)
  • Hamburg (launches Oct 12th)
  • Cornwall (launches November)


Please pray for all the regions in the U.K. and abroad that are preparing to launch The Turning this year. We are also working with folk in Spain, France, Switzerland, as well as in the initial stages for The Turning London. Please pray for all people, churches, streams and denominations involved.

We are currently working with the Bible Society to produce resources to use as part of the discipleship of those that respond. This is a great opportunity and we are so thankful for the doors that Father is opening.

Please pray for all the people who respond on the streets during the launches as well as those who respond as the teams we leave behind continue to tell people of the love that Father has for them.


In the last week of February, with temperatures plummeting to well below zero we had the privilege of working with approximately 15 Churches from in and around Brussels. Even in the cold, we had well over 75 people turn up on the first day, eagerly waiting to be trained and released on the streets. In one hour they saw many respond to the gospel and they returned excited by what Father was going to do during the rest of the week and beyond.

Before the week was up members of the churches involved were already ringing the people who responded and meeting up with them to begin the process of follow up and discipleship.

Brussels’ Testimony

A testimony from our time in Brussels

When we were about to enter the door to come back in to the church, we met another young man and he said ‘I previously met these people who are telling us about Jesus Christ. But I was not ready, and I walked away,’ and today he said ‘I want to go through these things you are telling me about’. He then went through the whole thing, he responded to Jesus Christ and has given us his details to follow him up.


Churches Involved


Numbers Trained


Hours on the Streets



The journey towards the London Turning has started!

On February the 21st we experienced an incredible day as over 200 leaders from across the capital gathered. We had the privilege of sharing about what we believe Father is asking of us as we serve our capital: the vision to see Christians from all churches across all the Boroughs of London equipped to share the gospel and trained to disciple those who respond.

There are Envisioning Meetings planned for April and May in various locations across London for church leaders to hear more of the story of what God is doing through The Turning, this vision for London and the practical steps we will take together to get there.

#TheTurning Scotland, August 2018

During February, various envisioning meetings were held across Scotland to begin the process of sharing the vision and heart of The Turning in preparation for the launch in August.

We are excited to be working with so many streams and denominations, as we work towards a three-year plan to reach every city, town and village so that people are equipped to share the gospel and are trained in how to disciple those that respond. The Turning will be launched, initially, in at least 3 Hubs across the country with teams coming in from the surrounding towns and villages to be equipped and empowered. These Hubs will continue to train and disciple people as we work with the National Turning Team to increase the number of Hubs for the following year.

If you want to find out more information or attend one of the Church Leader’s Preparation Days follow the link.