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The Beginning…

We have had a great start to our Envisioning Tour across London.

We visited 8 boroughs and shared our heart and vision with many church and denomination leaders.  These envisioning tours will continue as we continue to work in partnership with LBA, Global Day of Prayer, borough unity movements and many others!

Next Steps…

Our heart is to launch The Turning across London in at least 23 boroughs simultaneously; in each borough, we would have a minimum of 3 hubs in each borough where we will run the missions from.

We will be looking at launching a minimum of 69 missions across London simultaneously.

This will only be achieved if we are able to find:

  • borough regional co-ordinators – people who will work with us to gain momentum across the whole borough
  • borough hub co-ordinators – people who will work with the regional co-ordinators and churches in their area to help launch The Turning

On November 7th we are holding two meetings, one at 2pm and one at 7:30pm for people interested in being a Hub leader or involved significantly within their Hub.

To book on to the meeting and for more information click here.

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