Training Events

Below this information notice are three training opportunities that you can book with us.

1. Church leadership preparation This is a day training event. When we first started walking in this grace we had not been prepared as a church. This is critical to understanding how best to do follow up and discipleship of those who respond. It is not critical that this training happens before city Turning team training, but it is vital that this takes place at least two to three months before any launch of a Turning Team and program in your city or town.

2. City & Town Turning Team Training: This training consists of three days. It includes all the elements to enable your city and town to have an official Turning Team. We recommend that a minimum of five book in from each church and preferably ten. To go on the national database or to receive official Tuning follow up cards we would require that a team from you church has done this training.

Either prior to the training or during it we will agree dates at which the Turning will be launched in your city/town. We will also give partnering churches access to the national database which consist of local people who have requesting follow up. It is important that the official Turning Team Leader in each city/ town recognises an ongoing responsibility and accountability to the national team as well as to local leaders. This will ensure ongoing learning nationally.

We would expect the Turning coordinator and his/her deputy will be willing to form part of the wider national Turning Team dialogue and commit to the national Turning day each year which this year will be in Reading on the 26th July.

3.Worship Preparation: At the heart of this grace is an outpouring of the Spirit, we highly recommend that you send a team from your worship team to come and receive orientation in order to best flow with this grace. We will in due course post dates and a schedule that will facilitate your worship team, in the meantime please be patient.